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Top Android Applications for Poker

With smart phones being an important part of our daily lives, it is not a surprise that you can get apps for just about anything you desire. Poker also has a few apps that are very popular and fun to use. Zynga has developed and application that allows users to play the game on their android devices. Zynga currently has the top app for Poker players today. It offers the number one Texas Hold’em Game on Facebook and it offers new users ten thousand in free chips with new download of the app. This can also be played on your tablet such as Kindle, iPhone and android system. This is Las Vegas style poker. The experience will make you feel like you are sitting in a casino playing face to face with a group of players.


Another site that is getting a lot of attention at this time is the Appeak Poker Beta. It is a free Texas Hold’em game that allows the user to play poker live with people from all over the world. They offer cash games and tournaments for their players. They give a free 1,000 bonus in chips daily for just playing the game. You can use the in-game chat system to communicate with other players in the game. There are 44 avatars at this time that you can choose from for your profile picture. You can create your own friends list also to keep track of players that you want to remain in contact with. There is also a comprehensive game log and an optional four-color deck. This game uses play money only. No real cash betting is allowed.


Texas Poker Face is giving players 50,000 chips every day that you log into their website. This app also allows you to play against real players throughout the world. You can chat and meet new friends as you play your favorite poker game. There are multiple skill levels that are available to play against here. The application is for play only. No cash bets can be made. This is a good app to help polish dome skills. You can also chat with more professional players and get tips for your game play. They keep a current listing of leader boards for those that rank the highest winnings on the site.


The Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe application offers simple classic gameplay. It does provide some strong incentives to check out their application. They provide daily incentives and you can compete with over three million players that are linked through the Facebook application. This is popular with most of the iPhone products and tablets that have the android operating system.


If you looking to get into a community of players or just play periodically you can find the perfect place to do that with one of these sites. Check the reviews out and decide which one will best suit your needs. There are many other applications available for poker on the android OS.

Computer Hacking – Considered As a Criminal Activity!

In late 1990 when the intent has turned out to be the part of daily life, the introduction of hacking was also happening at the same time. You should remember that according to the law computer hacking is totally illegal and the culprit may found himself in the jail. Well, there are so many causes why people look to hack computers. Some people do it just for fun and some other perform it to steal information as well as money from the account. Even though an individual don’t have the purpose to steal other’s information or money, still act of jacking is absolutely illegal and the guilty person will be charged according to that. For example, hackers might change the log in username & password that thereby blocks you completely out of whole computer system. Usually, web sites are ones that fell prey to the DOS attacks that makes the whole website unusable to all the members.

Hacking can be happen in many forms such as:
Planting viruses
Stealing information
taking advantage of security systems
Cracking passwords
Impersonating another person

Each and every of these actions are considered as illegal and can send the culprit into jail. Although it is considered as a white collar crime but still it can damage an individual’s reputation heavily. When the computer hacking is performed the hacker get into an individual’s computer without permission. Sometime, young hackers break into computer’s network to just prove that they can also hack. They may feel fun to just try out their computing skills as well as abilities. Hacking can as well lead to the theft of the essential business info such as client’s database and customer’s record are either lost of the maneuvered by the computer hacker’s. and these databases are sold to the identity theft web sites where the personal information is to be posted for sale to individuals that may otherwise have some other purposes for the information.

Criminal Charges for hacking:
As the hacking is considered as an illegal act, so the law is punishing the hackers according to that. If you found guilty in hacking, then you may be charged with a felony. If the hackers accessed to system without permission but don’t have the intention to steal anything from the system, then he or she may be charged with 3rd degree felony. If the hacker get into the system and planned to theft user’s money or information, then he will be charged with a 2nd degree felony. Being convicted of the computer hacking, it should be proven defendant knowingly have gained access to the computer with intent of breaching with no permission. At times individuals, mainly young computer teenagers, and break into the computer and network to prove they can. Also, they might brag about the accomplishment afterward, and using stunt to flaunt the computer capabilities. Although there might not be the intent to steal and defraud from hacked system, defendant will be charged criminally.

Some Startling Features of PokerStars That Hold the Key

Poker players interested in buying into an online poker game will likely want to look into PokerStars, one of the industry’s most highly rated online poker software programs.  The high quality of PokerStars arises from a number of features and benefits that appeal to a variety of players.

For example, PokerStars is well-known for hosting some of the most popular online poker tournaments in the business, with its major Sunday tournament boasting payouts of nearly $2 million. In addition to these more elite tournaments, PokerStars also offers players the opportunity to join smaller, less expensive games with lower stakes. These range from midsize games during the week, during which players can still win hundreds of thousands of dollars, to much smaller game that offer smaller prizes by comparison, but still give players the chance to win close to $500. Almost all of these games have a guaranteed maximum payout, such as the famous “Super Tuesday,” where players can win $300,000.

Additionally, PokerStars boasts high-tech usability, visibility, and manageability. Directions are easy to follow, and images of game tables can be adjusted, minimized, and maximized to best fit the device that any individual player is using. Best of all, players can actually design their own template; that is, if a user does not like the interface offered by the system, he or she can change the appearance of the tables, the cards, the background, and any other aesthetic feature associated with the software.

This usability is accompanied by a variety of available options. Players can opt for just a single heads-up game, or they can play many tables at one time here. PokerStars does set a limit of multi-table play at twenty-four tables per player at one time, but this is itself an excessive number, as it is the rare player who can successfully concentrate on so many ongoing games at once. Furthermore, players can choose from a variety of poker options, from Texas Hold ‘Em to an 8 Game Mix. The aim of PokerStars is to meet the needs and desires of as many players as possible, and this impressive variety speaks directly to that goal.

PokerStars is not free—the sign-up cost can reach $600—but the software offers a number of ways to reward that investment. Aside from offering players a variety of games and tables at which to win back their money,PokerStars also makes it fairly easy for players to find and obtain bonuses. Furthermore, players can keep track of all bonus points in the software’s built-in database, and then redeem them for cash and other prizes in the PokerStars store.

PokerStars has also attained its impressive reputation by offering stellar customer service. If players have any questions, concerns, or disputes with regard to the system, they can e-mail the company and expect a prompt response and attention to their inquiries. This high-end customer service is also a main reason why PokerStars has not received any widespread negative reviews in the industry, and is rated highly by players and critics alike. Users can rest assured that the software is also officially licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Computer Hacking – A Great Challenge for Government Today!

Computer Hacking is a method to access any computer calculatedly without any sorts of authorization. Basically, this process is performed to manage any sorts of intended application instead of original programs of the computer. It is a process through which one can enter into any one’s computer to know about the program that are going on due to security requirement. However, this process is used in the wrong way by some people to create more problems in other’s works. Due to these reasons, you need to used cracking passwords; best information stored application, as well as decoding files to protect your computer from hacking. Experts those masters in this art are known as the hackers. They can easily enter any system in any corner of the world. Like any other process, hacking process also has to side as negative and positive.

Advantage of the hacking task:

Now, most of the leading companies in the world are hiring expert’s hackers in high salary to boost their security system of the company and to stick in the highly competitive business sector. In this regard, they can make their technical side of the company more secure. Due to these reasons, business owners can secure their unique data that can offer them more success in the business field as well as avoid outside interference. It is the most beneficial side of the computer hacking.

Other side effects of Computer Hacking:

Now, computer hacking is used in several negative ways rather than positive. The master hackers are using their knowledge in many disparaging purposes such as: breaking security code to operate illegal network, theft personal information, changing financial information of a company as per their wish, stealing unique business tricks, damaging computer security, extracting personal and bank details. Computer Hacking can be more dangerous if any sorts of confidential government information and national security date are exposed. So, everyone should stay aware to prevent this crime.

Criminal Charges

When individual is arrested for hacking, she or he is charged with the felony. If defendant accessed the computer system without any authorization however didn’t intend stealing or defrauding, she or he is charged with the third degree felony. In case, however, hacker broke in system & planned to defraud owner of the money and information, she or he is charged with the second degree felony. The past computer hacking also offenses has included attempts stealing the credit card information, social safety numbers, and sensitive company and government information. When the computer is hacked, criminals might delete your valuable information & sensitive data in your computer. They will deliberately and unwittingly manipulate the sensitive data for their personal gain. And this gain is both financial, like with case of the credit card identity theft, and medical, like medical identity theft. Denial of the service attack is one more consequence of the attacking. It is generally known as DOS attack that just makes different computer resources unavailable to the authorized users.

Computer Hacking – The Real Threat to the Computer Users!

The term computer hacking is used to refer to the crooked use of the technology to achieve unlawful right of entry to delicate data which is stored in the computer. It plays a vital role to obstacle the security as well as privacy of the user. This method is widely used by the identity thieves for stealing useful personal information. Many of the hackers focus to hack personal data of individuals who use online while some other hackers focus to hack confidential data of big companies.

Crucial data expose by the hackers:

Hacking is considered as the clear break of security of the system. It leaves crucial user data exposed as well as risk the computer users into several thefts such as identity theft. Several hacking activities are developed by the hacker in order to steal confidential information such as security numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers and individual photographs as well. When these important information get into the hacker’s hand they can really vulnerable as the hackers can use them in the way they want. When your system gets hacked, then the hackers can delete crucial information as well as sensitive data from your computer. They can use these data deliberately for their personal gain and this gain may be financial. Hackers can change your password as well as log in username which can block you totally to enter into the computer system. Hacking is also used to theft important business information such as client’s database and customer’s record also. And most importantly these crucial databases can be sold by the hackers in higher price to individual that need such information to do some illegal work.

Upload anti virus program in your system:

Well, these are the effects of computer hacking. If you want to keep your system free of hacking, then you need to upload credible anti-spyware program as well as antivirus program. You also need to monitor closely the different program that you download from online.

Penalties to Hacking

The computer hacking is been considered major threat to the company integrity, personal safety and government confidentiality. It is prosecuted aggressively in the court of law. The third degree felony for the hacking will result in the maximum five year prison sentence & $5,000 in the fines. For the hacking offense involves theft and fraudulent activity, defendant can get penalized with 15 years in the prison and $10,000 fine. Hacking is the clear breach of security of your computer. It also renders some important user data exposed as well as risks the user in a variety of threats such as identity theft. Different hacking activities are been directed mainly towards exposing and stealing the confidential user information such as social security numbers, the credit card numbers, the bank account information as well as the individual photographs. All these important information, when in hands of the computer hackers, are very vulnerable to the illegitimate use as well as manipulation like of identity theft’s.

Poker Etiquette for Online Poker Players

If you have played poker in a land based casino before then you’ve heard the etiquette guidelines which you should follow at the table. When you play in an online poker room you will find that there are a whole new set of etiquette guidelines which you will need to learn and follow. If every player uses the proper etiquette at the tables while playing online poker then it makes the entire process much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone at the table.

There are several guidelines which you need to learn and follow as an online poker player and we’re going to look at those now. If you don’t already know proper etiquette at the poker table then make sure you continue reading the tips below.

* The golden rule when you’re playing online poker is that you don’t talk down to anyone at the poker table through the chat. Not only is it very disrespectful to talk down to someone at the tables, but it could also end up with your account getting banned so you can’t engage in any sort of chit chat with the players if you have nothing nice to say.

* If you have folded a hand when you’re playing then you can’t talk about the hand in the chat box while the hand is still being played. It could give one of the other players an advantage if you talk about what cards you folded so you can’t discuss anything to do with your hand when you’ve folded. You should also not talk about the hand when you’re playing in the hand unless you’re only up against one other player in the hand.

* When you’re playing online poker make sure that you aren’t doing anything else and that you’re focused on what’s going on. You don’t want the other players to have to wait 45 seconds every time you need to make a decision because you’re watching a movie or playing a video game. If you want to play poker then make sure you’re at the table so you can make decisions in a timely manner so the table runs smoothly.

* You should always try to make sure that when you’re playing you have a good internet connection going, but I know this isn’t always possible. If you find your connection is lagging or going out often then you might want to wait an hour or two before continuing to play so that your connection is better. It disrupts the game when a player doesn’t have a solid connection because every time it’s their turn the timer will need to run out before they sit out.

* When you’re playing in a tournament you should never purposely take your time to play if you’re the chip leader on your table because it isn’t very fair to the other players. With the blinds going up every 5-15 minutes depending on the structure of the tournament it isn’t fair for you to slow play every hand because you want the tournament to progress.

Basically you shouldn’t do anything at the online poker table if you wouldn’t want another player to do it to you. You’ll always have your shot at being the short stack or the player who gets knocked out of an event so if you wouldn’t want players talking down to you then you shouldn’t do it to others either.

Blackjack History

Blackjack is a game that has evolved throughout history and was first introduced by the Romans. The Romans played a game similar to blackjack using wooden cards that were marked in such a manner that the blocks held different denominations. This original version of blackjack was played head to head, meaning it was a two-player game.

As the Roman influence spread throughout Europe, other cultures began to adopt this card game. As a result of this evolution, it is believed that the form of casino blackjack as we know it today is a direct ancestor of the French variation of the Roman card game, as the French version of blackjack was known as twenty-one. Though in France back in the 1700‘s, this game was called Vingt et un, which is nothing more than twenty-one in the French language.

From France, this game made its way to the USA in the early nineteenth century, where it was played with a single deck of cards privately amongst family and friends until formal casino gambling was legalized in 1931. When casino gambling was made legal in the USA, the game of Twenty-one was offered in casinos. However, the game was not as popular as some of the other games of chance offered. As a result, casinos such as The Flamingo began paying a special rate when players received a black jack and a black ace in their initial two cards. These players were paid ten to one on their wager. Thus, when a player would receive a black ace, the would get excited and shout for a black jack to follow. Hence, Casinos changed the name of the game to Blackjack, which is how we know it today.

As the game of blackjack increased in popularity amongst the casinos in the USA, the house began tightening up their payouts of blackjack. The game was catching on and casinos believed it was due more to the renaming of the game and the excitement of the game, as opposed to the high payouts for the black jack and black ace cards. Over time, casinos adopted a higher than normal payout for any hand dealt that possessed a value of twenty-one, regardless of the color of the cards. However, this payout is typically well under the ten to one rate at which blackjack in its purest form was paid in times past.

While blackjack remains fairly consistent with respect to the overall blackjack rules and objectives, many casinos offer their own unique spin on the rules of blackjack. Each slight variation in how blackjack is played causes the house edge to increase or decrease. Today, blackjack is played in casinos with a varying number of decks. Most casinos offer blackjack using multiple decks, as opposed to providing play with a single deck as was done in the earlier stages of blackjack play.

Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Poker

For many beginners who want to play poker with a certain amount of skepticism or even caution because friends and family have warned them it can be addictive and also financially risky, beginning smart with free poker money, no cash deposit games and availing bonus codes besides studying up all available resources, including tips, guides and software related to improving the game is the best approach.

These are the basics of continuing with a winner’s approach to improving a game and perfecting a particular strategy that works for you, say professional online poker players, some of who make a living out of just playing online tournaments winning real money in addition to chances of qualifying at final tables at bigger tournaments with larger wins.

Thus, poker has risen above being only a game for the geriatric society it was once limited to in the late fifties and ever since the seventies with the cash prizes and the honor of the WSOP bracelets besides millions of dollars in real money and the fame, combined with technology aided high-speed quick-win online poker tournaments, often with prizes exceeding $10,000, poker means serious money for many people.

This is the main reason why an increasing number of beginner poker players on PlayersOnly as well as advanced level live poker players are taking to online poker in a big way – for availing the reach and scope of a technology aided platform that can be a great play to practice variations and levels of the game and for the chance to strike lucky and win big!

The benefits of signing up at an online poker room are many and convenience factor is one of them! Of course, the chance of playing poker anytime, anywhere does contribute to a lot of the attraction the game holds for beginners as well as advanced level players, but the fact remains that it is a game that also does not discriminate on grounds of gender, region or expertise as players across all ages and from various cities in the US can now play online poker if they are of legal age. They also avail lots of great benefits that are easy to use for improving their game and moving on to the next level of play, such as free downloads of software for calculating pot odds, learning different hands, rule cards for easy reference and the best bonus codes and freerolls that enable lots more thrilling card action!!

The first step to joining the ever-growing category of online poker players is to research the best bonus codes offered and the house rules followed by the particular site or sites you’d like to try out as an initiation into the world of online poker. Most sites offer free trial membership or require a small fee via your credit card (or funding options like Paypal, Moneybookers etc) to advance you a super credit on your sign up as bonus codes.

Now, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection for reliable poker game room thrill seeking and you are good to go!

At times, you can even download some of the available software on your system and install these within a few hours if not in a matter of minutes for joining a particular online poker site and these let you decide whether you want to play real money or play money for earning more bonus points.

You choose the link for the poker room of your choice and save the relevant files on your computer, after which the related software will guide you through the follow up steps for availing all the services given to you for registering your new account.

It is important to read the instructions for your chosen online poker room carefully so you only install the applicable software and not that of any other room. Selecting an online poker room is best determined by reading up previous customer testimonials for the bonus and usability of the facilities extended to players, as these are the 2 main criterion for basing a sound judgment of a quality online poker room on. Depending on the variations and rules of the poker room, you can expect to have bonuses of $50 to $100, sometimes even $500, which is typically earned at the high traffic websites and are represented by stars or player points you accumulate after winning several games.

Playing Against the Stack Sizes in Texas Holdem

Not only do you need to play against the players at the internet video poker table, but you also need to play against the chip stacks on the table. Your chip stack and your opponents chip stacks are going to be huge deciding factors during a lot of tough plays in Holdem. We’re going to look at why the stack size is so important when you’re playing in single table sit and go tournaments for this guide.

Big Stack

There will usually be one or two players in a single table sit and go tournament that have big stacks compared to the rest of the table. If you end up as one of the big stacks while playing in a tournament then you need to make sure that you play your cards accordingly. You don’t always need a good hand as the chip leader because most players aren’t going to want to play against you. As the chip leader you can raise the pot a lot and try stealing as many pots as you possibly can. The only time you shouldn’t raise is when the big blind is the short stack because they are more likely to go all-in.

Short Stack

The short stack is always the worst position to be in and most of us always want to just go all-in with any hand at this point. This is a mistake though and good poker players will ensure they don’t let there emotions get the better of them. You can’t sit and wait forever for a hand, but you’re going to need to wait for at least a marginal hand before pushing your chips in. As a short stack your only moves basically in a hand is to fold preflop or go all-in preflop. You can’t afford to make any flat calls as the short stack typically so you need to wait for a hand to go all-in with. A lot of the time you will be able to steal the blinds, but eventually you’re going to run into a hand which is why you shouldn’t just go all-in every hand.

Typically after the short stack and the one or two big stacks the rest of the players are usually pretty close together in chip count. There isn’t really anything you can’t do while a middle stack, but you should try to avoid the big stack as much as possible unless you have a real hand. You also should slow down on the amount of hands you’re playing as a middle stack until you can get a hand and win some chips to put your above the average.

All players on the texas holdem poker table should be careful about raising the short stack because often short stacks are prone to go all-in with anything. You don’t want to waste any chips so you’re better off not raising the big blind of the short stack. You should also be weary of raising the big stack when the blinds are up because often the big stack is just looking for players to knock out of the tournament. Try targeting players who have a middle sized stack in the world series of poker tournaments and when you have monster hands then work on targeting the big stacks.

Internet Casino Betting Systems

There is no shortage of betting systems in all sorts of types of internet gambling. While some betting systems will work out for a while, players will usually find that the flaws in these betting systems over times. While there are many different betting systems that can be employed, two more common betting systems used in Internet casino games are the Martingale System and a betting system known as the 1-3-2-6 system.

The Martingale System

One of the most famous betting systems is the Martingale betting system, which originated from France in the 18th century. It is a simple strategy that involves the concept that every time a gambler loses a bet he should double his bet the next time. The idea is that a gambler with infinite wealth will eventually receive a win on the bet that they double up on. Though in theory this is a flawless strategy, the reality is that players do not possess an infinite bankroll and casinos usually put a cap on the amount a player can bet. This means that Internet casino players may use this system, but eventually a player will hit the cap for the table or they will run out of money.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

The 1-3-2-6 betting system is a lesser-known system that uses the concept that a player can win four times in a row. It also uses the concept of insurance to ensure that a player does not loose too much in one bet, but has the chance to win a large amount of profit. With the 1-3-2-6 system of Internet casino betting, if a player puts a $10 bet down at a table and wins he will then keep that $20 win that has just been given by the table and add another $10 onto that making his next bet $30. If the player now wins this bet, he would have a total of $40 profit in his pocket. The player should then bet $20 on the table, which is half his profit. If this bet wins, the player should finish by betting the full amount of his profit on the table, which would be $60. Now if the player wins thism he has made $120 profit with the last two bets not risking his original stake. Players should be aware that is it just as likely to lose four times in a row as it is for a player to win four times in a row. There is no guarantee that this betting system will work.